Hi I’m Rachael, a designer, part time fitness enthusiast and and Mum to Emily, based in the beautiful county of West Yorkshire.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to paint, draw, have taken far too many photos and been mad about surface pattern and interiors.

When out and about in shops, galleries or on a walk, I would often say to myself, ‘right, let's magpie!’. I’d set about buying or collecting special and interesting bits and pieces like a magpie does, and bring them together as inspiration for my designs. When I decided that all this creativity needed a home, I set up my design company and fittingly named it Magpie Design, and I use #letsmagpie on my social media accounts.

My photographic work is pretty much on-going and my camera accompanies me on most outings. I’m lucky to live in an old cottage surrounded by a gorgeous garden and views over farmland. I’m often outside  - ‘nighties and wellies at dawn’, taking umpteen photos that can then become the essence of and inspiration for my work. I’m often holding up a walk or trip, snapping away at unusual angles, textures, patterns and compositions!

I also love to paint and draw the flowers and plants that I grow, picked from the garden. I feel it gives my work energy and ensures the designs I create are from an original and unique source. From these I work digitally to make repeating patterns and prints. From an early age I used to trace over flowing intricate patterns with my finger to understand their composition. I was excited to discover when reading Orla Keily’s book, ‘Pattern’, that she used to do exactly the same! 

 A small collection of my work is available to buy from my website, however the site is in it's early stages so if you like something you see on my portfolio page or if you’d like me to photograph, design or paint something just for you, please contact me. I also have a photography portfolio available on request.